Perspectives and Healthy Self Image

You are who you think other people think you are.

girl-looking-in-mirror Change your perspective, revitalise your self-image, and make it a healthy one.

 As social beings, opinions are contagious. Whatever praise or criticisms we receive, you can’t help but take them on board as a reflection of humankinds opinion of you.

In the search for social acceptance, we can look towards the dopamine fuelled pleasure of narcissism on social media; “Like” me, “follow” me! LOOK AT ME!!!

Unfortunately, this hollow form of self-acceptance is ultimately superficial and a down-ward spiral towards narcissism and people-pleasing.

Look inward to find who you really are, and ultimately respect and accept it.

With a clear view, you can praise all your values and vices without the need of constant external input.

There is a lot more to say, but I only wanted to make a quick note/reflection. Think about it, to your and your loved ones benefit.


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